Thursday, 10 August 2017

If you can't leave them behind, take them along!

What changes immensely after being a mother is independence- we, mothers, think multiple times even before stepping out to the grocery store/ vegetable vendor/medical store with the kids and we start looking out for easier options- home delivery/ ask a friend to pick up what you need/ online shopping and so on. While these are great options for mothers, today I will share with you how these tasks can be turned interesting and how these can be fun learning experiences for you toddlers! Especially if you are a mother with limited/ no help, I am sure you will find this useful..

As a new mother of twins, and being in a nuclear set up, I started feeling trapped, as the whole day (read it as day and night) would be spent in feeding, changing, bathing my twins, taking them out and putting them to sleep. That is when I decided to cut out dependencies, stop feeling helpless and grow stronger et happier..

What did I do: 
To start with, I decided to step out of the house at least once a week with the babies and as my confidence started building up, I slowly increased the frequency. Now, at 2.5 years, I take them out at least thrice a week alone and we are enjoying this totally. Weekends I get complete support from my husband and I get some 'me' time' too :) Its all about taking those baby steps and gearing up to be independent and empowered!

Choosing the place:

  • the place should not be heavily crowded at the same time should not be deserted
  • the place should be within a certain radius from your house, so that its easy and quick to commute with the baby. I usually limit my span to 10 km.
  • ensure the place has good connectivity in case you are using public transport/ cabs
  • ensure the place is kid friendly
Prepare and plan in advance:
  • Start with short span trips of say 1 hour and as you get comfortable increase the duration
  • Choose a time to step out when the baby is generally in a happy and playful mood (I usually step out around 11 am and get back before 2 pm)
  • Schedule your outing such that you can be in before the baby's sleep time, so that you get some rest too
  • Keep a bag packed for these trips, this will save a lot of time. But please keep it light
  • What goes in my bag?- couple of diapers (pants post they were potty trained), water bottle, one snack box with some easy to eat healthy options, couple of toys, a ring sling and a soft structured carrier to keep my hands free when they are in mo mood to walk, my wallet.
  • Let your partner know when and where you would be going and your mode of travel too

Places we usually visit: These are places apart from the play areas/ parks/ gardens/ zoo which parents anyways take their kids to. No matter how 'routine'/ 'boring' these may sound to others, taking my kids alone to these places and spending time itself gives me a great sense of accomplishment and a feeling of independence that 'I can do it' and 'I am not dependent on anyone for my basic needs'! You can easily spend upto 2/3 hours at these places suggested including commute:

1. Grocery Store: I note down my weekly grocery needs, select the items and ask them to deliver it at time convenient to me. I place my kids in the shopping trolley at times when they get tired. Kids learn alot in terms of associating things with their names, utility, basic classification techniques.  A word of caution: Toddlers start demanding their favourite stuff and will start throwing tantrums- you need to be geared up to handle this. I usually tell them you will get any one item of your choice and it will be opened once we reach home and let them pick it - all happy!

2. Vegetable store: Again, I plan my weekly needs and we walk down to the shop nearby. Let kids pick, touch, feel and help you at the store, its a great experience for them too. They learn to associate names with the respective fruits/ vegetables. After selecting the items, I ask them to deliver it to my house.

3. Fire Station: My son is very fond of vehicles, luckily we have a fire station closeby. I take my kids occasionally to the fire station and the joy on their face on seeing the shiny fire trucks is beyond words! 

4. A cosy cafe/ restaurant: Choose a quite little cafe where you can enjoy some french fries/ waffles or your favourite food together (i will write on eating out with kids in a separate post) Take along a drawing book and colours, draw the food items and ask them to identify, you can also let them scribble if you wish to enjoy that coffee in peace :)

5. Shopping malls: No I don't really shop here ;) I usually just take them around, may be grab an ice cream/ have some chicken popcorn at KFC take them on the escalators and so on..

6. Temple: I am not a very religious person, but I do take kids to the temple. Its mainly the environment I love- peaceful, serene, clean and holy. Kids enjoy the 'Aarti' and the prasad too ;)

7. Bus ride: Is your kid crazy for 'Wheels on the bus go round and round'? Then you have to do this! Select a route which is not so crowded when you plan to travel. Chalk out a short route of say 5 stops. And rest assured the kids would love the ride!

Early Learning: Kids are excellent observers and they grasp very fast. Till the time they are not speaking, they try to soak in as much possible and once they start talking you will be surprised how well they can relate to the things and places you have been taking them to! Few suggestions to make these trips more fruitful in terms of early learning:
1. Expose your kids to lot of baby books
2. Carry a relevant book when you are stepping out- for example when going to the mall we carry with us 'Naisha goes to the Mall' book from the Naisha series (you can order your set from Jasmine Bheda)
3. If you are visiting a place that has any animals around- carry those small toy animals
4.You can carry play dough to the cafes and ask kids to shape it like a burger/ plate and so on
5. Carry the relevant toy vehicles. For example hand over a small toy bus to your kid if you are planning for a bus ride
6. Talk about the place you would be visiting a day or two in advance- describe it, importance of the place, what can they see there, what would you do there etc

Hope this was helpful! On this note, if you are in a nuclear set up, new mother, moms who work from home, stay at home mothers, have limited or no help or rather anyone who feels you have lost your independence after becoming a mother, please don't feel confined and step out of the house, not because you don't have other easy options- but to feel good, to boost your confidence, to expose kids to different places, to help them learn faster! You can also invite other moms from your locality and plan such trips together! Do share your experiences and what makes you feel good and independent! Happy parenting :)

The above suggestions/ external references are not influenced in any way and are completely based on my personal experiences/ liking 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Healthy meal for your toddler - OPOS way

Who wouldn't agree- A mom who spends minimum time in the kitchen yet has a plate full of healthy and tasty food cooked is the one who is really efficient and smart! To be frank I used to get totally freaked out when it came to cooking for kids, or cooking those 'traditional and authentic' dishes, but not anymore!

Ever since I have adopted the OPOS way of cooking (One pot one shot) I look forward to cook different dishes, as I don't really sweat or stress in the kitchen and cooking is fun! Today Ill share with you the three recipes which were an instant hit with my kids. All these are OPOS recipes and I am sure you will enjoy cooking these :) Are you ready to experience the OPOS magic ;)

 Today's menu consists of a soup, a main course and a dessert. What to expect after cooking these: a tummy full happy kid :)
1. Caramelised Carrot Soup
2. Mac n Cheese
3. Beetroot Halwa (Beetroot fudge)

You will need the below equipments:
1. 2 Litre Pressure Cooker
2. Measuring cups
3. Measuring spoons
4. Blender
5. Others: Peeler, Grater, Knife, Laddle

Heat Source: Before you proceed ensure you get a loud and clear whistle between 1 to 2 min with 1/4 cup water in the pressure cooker 
(This process is termed as standardisation. Basically all the recipes that are OPOS validated will work well only if you use a standardised heat source.)

1. Caramelised Carrot Soup

After blending!

  • 2 Cups chopped carrots
  • water
  • 2 Tbs butter
  • 1 Tsp chopped ginger
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds

On opening the lid..
Load your cooker in the below order
  • 2 Tbs water
  • Butter
  • ginger + cumin seeds
  • Chopped carrots
  • Milk

Cook on high for 7 minutes (ignore the number of whistles). Release pressure, add some milk and blend. Serve hot!
Coconut milk with milk to arrive at the desired consistency

2. Mac n Cheese
This surely is the fastest pasta I have ever cooked! So easy and flavourful! Once you are confident making this, you can cook up several versions of this by including veggies/ eggs/ meat etc!

You can see my 2 year old kids relishing it!


Measuring raw pasta
  • 1 Cup soaked and drained Raw pasta (soaking is not required in case of local wholewheat pasta eg Bambino)
  • water
  • 3 Tbs butter
  • Grated Cheese 
  • Seasoning of your choice

Load your cooker in the below order
  • Butter
  • Pasta
  • 1 Cup water
Cook on high for 2 whistles, release pressure. Add grated cheese and seasonings of your choice. We usually prefer salt, pepper, oregano and chili flakes!

You can use milk or stock instead of water. If you are replacing water with milk, don't add salt while cooking to avoid curdling of milk.

3. Beetroot halwa (Fudge)
I was struggling to find out ways to feed my kids beetroot and this one dish was something they enjoyed and kept asking for more!


Loaded cooker
  • 1 Cup grated beetroot
  • 1/2 cup jaggery (You can vary as per your liking)
  • water
  • 3 Tsp ghee

Load your cooker in the below order
  • 3 Tsp water
  • beetroot
  • jaggery
  • Ready to be served!
  • ghee
Cook on high for 8 minutes (ignore whist;es). Release pressure, mix well and enjoy!

Substitutes: Sugar with jaggery

Optional Flavour enhancers: Nut powder, cardamom powder, milk powder 

Do try out and let me know how you liked it! If you have any questions please comment below I would be happy to answer :) Happy OPOSing! 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The 6 annoying questions..

Relationships.... well they ain't simple and straightforward! We love our people, we love their company. We know, we acknowledge- deep down under there is only one sentiment of well being and love but many times we encounter statements, questions which cross the boundaries/ go overboard and it  hurts you to the core!

A woman is bombarded with such statements especially after she gets married and after the kids it just is a different story altogether! I have tried to compile top 6 such statements/ questions which most of us as women/ mothers would have come across (at least in India)!

1. Its been a year you guys are married, we are waiting for our grand children!
Well, do we get married only to have children? Marriage is having fun together, enjoying each other's company, exploring places, understanding each other. Is there is a right time to have children? absolutely no, as this decision is no depends on the number of years you guys are in a relationship, but on how well prepared you are, are you financially stable, how good is your support system and so on! So please don't pester and pressurise the couple with such questions, let the couple take an informed decision, be patient guys!

2. The baby seems to be hungry, lets us top feed the baby..
 Possible that people close to you don't have the right information, possible the people close to you didn't have a very good experience with breastfeeding themselves, possible the people close to you have a lot of misconceptions and need to get their myths cleared! Already a new mom is going through a lot, and these advises literally make the mother doubt herself when actually there is no reason to do so! Breastfeeding is a function of demand and supply, a mother's body is beautifully designed to meet the demands of the baby! So new mothers, please don't doubt your capabilities, take informed decisions based on your research and doctor's advice, meet a lactation consultant if need be.

3.  You plan to work after baby too! that's not a very good idea..
Please let the mother decide what she wants to do after baby. And for God's sake don't judge her for her decision, after all she is a mother and she knows how to prioritise and plan things. Let her decide if she wants to work outside the home, work from home, or be a stay at home mom. If you really are concerned, help her out by contributing in some way or the other than criticising her decision!

4. My grandchild looks so lean an petite! Are you not feeding him well?
This is the most annoying one and something that really hurts the mother- these kind of statements fuel the wrong ideas of force feeding/ distraction feeding and so on. If you really do your research around baby nutrition and eating patterns in kids, you will notice, emphasis is always on- let the child decide how much he wants to eat and how frequently. Each living being is gifted with the basic instinct of hunger and related communication and so are the human babies! Our job as caregivers is to provide healthy food options till they feel like eating,  offer frequently if need be! In fact baby led weaning is a beautiful concept built on these lines. Don't get burdened by the comments passed by others, if you baby is happy and healthy, meeting the milestones more or less on time, relax and keep going :) People will always find something to criticise, whether your kid is lean, chubby, tall or short :p

5. You guys are starving, don't you cook fresh meal each time?
No, because unlike your generation, we don't have ten people available at home to help us out. We have to maintain our sanity, take good care of the baby, take care of ourselves and keep the house running well too! That's a lot of work for the four hands available. Don't feel bad if you are cutting on the number of dishes you prepare per meal, if you are having cereal for your breakfast instead of the pre baby sumptuous spread, if you are cooking in bathes and freezing some for subsequent meals, if you are ordering a couple of dishes you are craving for. As long as the food is nutritious, cooked in hygienic conditions enjoy your meals as per your convenience!

6. Will you be menstruating that time? Oh no please take pills, its an important festival!
No I will not. Because that is an indicator that my body is functioning well, that I am healthy! The ability to have kids is God'd gift and menstruation is a part of the whole function. If you are not comfortable with my menstruating body being present with you for the celebrations, please excuse yourself or let me celebrate my way! While today we see mot of the educated people craving for organic, natural food products, sadly we see some of them treating menstruating women differently! Surprising, sad yet true. Please stand for yourself, and take a decision if YOU believe it to be right and after consulting your doctor.

Cheers to womanhood, cheers to motherhood!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

I still long for the long drives...

Be it midnight hunger pangs, late night ice cream cravings, or just our way of greeting the rains, we used to be always ready for the long drives and long rides (thankfully we both love travelling else  I would have died of boredom :P)!

Well, after having two kids, I did terribly miss all the 'we time' which we hardly get now and it always is a herculean task to strike the right balance between different roles- as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and so on.. 

Now long drives were more of a juggling task for me and an elaborate assignment of 'what if analysis':
  • What if they refuse to sit in the car seat?: Get extra toys, make them sit in the car seat (In India its not mandatory to use a car seat for babies, we have bought one car seat, and the other baby, until 2 years used to be with me)
  • What if they poop?:Carry extra diapers and wipes
  • What if they puke?:Carry a wash cloth and a burp cloth
  • What if they are hungry?: Carry food, water
  • What if they feel cold?: Carry thermals
What if this and what if that and I used to get really worked up and stressed with the whole idea of stepping out! Ah and not to forget baby moods 'I am bored'/ 'I wanna drive the car!'/ 'Open the window'..There was no quality conversation between me and my husband during these long drives, the way it did before! He would be busy driving and I would be busy engaging kids on the back seat. And if at all luckily they both slept together, Conversation? who cares shut the eyes and nap was the first thing I could do :D

However, nothing is permanent, and as kids turned two, I borrowed this idea from a friend! We filled up the leg space on the back seat with cotton mattresses! So the set up now changed to one car seat behind the driver's seat and mattresses levelled up to the height of the back seat. A special mention of the Cookiie Look See Mirror  which I have clipped on my seat belt that helps me check on the kids and also communicate with them easily without turning all the way back! 

This arrangement helps us in many ways:
  1. More space for kids, even to sleep comfortably
  2. Safe, no fear of falling/ bumping
  3. I got my place back- the FRONT seat :) It really brought a smile on my face as I was sitting back on the front seat literally after 2 long years!
And now, the what if answers were much easier than before! 

  • What if they refuse to sit in the car seat?: Sit on the back seat together
  • What if they poop?:Potty trained so not applicable..
  • What if they puke?: Unlikely
  • What if they are hungry?: Keep handy finger food and water bottles in the car pockets for easy access
  • What if they feel cold?: Carry thermals
And that's how we kick started the long drives yet again! Luckily our kids too enjoy the drives now and love to look around, narrate what they see, sing songs, listen to music, and its really a very warm feeling. And this is why I really long for the long drives now:
1. We ACTUALLY get to communicate and exchange some good thoughts and smiles
2. I love to listen to the radio, especially the Red FM and Mirchi 95! Being a music lover and having learnt music for many years, songs, radio, rhythm was always a part of my life.. Somehow during the week, I so get hooked up in the tasks that I don't get time to tune in to music. Now I feel privileged when I listen to the songs during these weekend long drives..
3. I enjoy the peace!! Its THE time during the day, when there is a nice golden silence in the car! I am sure the kids enjoy it too..

Long drives help me unwind and rejuvenate, its our 'we time' sweetened with all the baby talks and songs and laughter of our two little angels! 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The 3 switches that eased my life as a woman and mother for good!

Now as I look back, I have no idea how I would have trotted the rocky road of motherhood without the three switches I made in my life! Before the switches, my mornings were always chaotic, hands were always complaining of pain carrying my twins and those five days days of the month were an additional burden, and I would think- why us?? men are truly blessed people on Earth.. But soon after the switches, I have a better control over things, mornings are happy and laid back, and no, the five days are no more dreaded! 

So here are the 3 mantras- which have now become an integral part of my life, my support systems, and I cannot imagine switching back to the old methods again!

1. Switch from carrying babies in the arms to babywearing
Babywearing is way way beyond being just a baby carrier, its a beautiful way of creating that special bond between you and the baby. Right from understanding your baby better, enjoying some mobile breastfeeding experience, multitasking while keeping your baby close and secure, babywearing has become an inseparable part of our lives and I wish to wear my kids as long as we are comfortable with it. 

Toddler babywearing is helping us in many ways, be it comfort during those phases of being unwell, during holidays, hiking, travelling alone with babies, cooking when one baby just wont let you go, to name a few..

I cannot imagine how I would have braved the situations where both the babies needed attention/ to be carried-
1. Visiting the nearby clinic alone with two sick babies
2. Hiking on the highest peak in Karnataka- Mullanyangiri
3. Taking a late night flight alone with my then 2 year old twins 
4. Sailing through those bouts of 'I don't want to sleep mommy' when its way past the sleep time
5. Managing those phases of-We don't want to sit in the stroller but still I want to roam around
6. 'Mumma we want to see what's cooking!'
.... and so on!! Babywearing just gave the mom in me two extra hands to do stuff! 

 2. Switch from sanitary napkins to Menstrual Cups 
The thought of inserting a cup itself was daunting in the first place! Thanks to few mommy friends and Facebook groups that educated me on this, busted all the myths and I was ready to try out the environment friendly option for personal hygiene.. If you ask me its more of a psychological barrier where many women lose the battle with their mind to switch to cups..

Few advantages which I can distinctly list out:

  • Sleep the way you want! Yes you need not worry about stained bed sheets anymore!
  • No discomfort, no odour
  • No frequent changing
  • Easy to clean and reuse, nothing really goes down the dustbin except a few tissue papers may be..
  • Enjoy the rains, take a dip in the swimming pool
  • Wear what you want, whichever colour you like
I bought the cups from Hygiene and You and they have a very simple questionnaire to help women decide the right size of cup which they can opt for.

I would like to stress here, in India, the whole 'periods' topic is still a taboo in many families, you will not find it being discussed easily and openly, and THIS really needs to change, support the lovely ladies in your family and help them to shift. Understand its not a disease, the lady goes trough a lot of mood swings, physical discomfort during these five days, don't torture her with superficial and stupid restrictions like- don't enter the kitchen, don't wear this etc instead make some fresh hot food for her, offer a cup of coffee, hug her, and trust me that's what she really needs..

3. Switch from traditional cooking methods to OPOS way of cooking!

If you enter my kitchen, you will always see my 2 litre cooker clean and washed, that's one vessel I use extensively in my kitchen these days. Rather I don't remember when was the last time I used a 'Kadai'/ wok for cooking! My morning starts from making a dum tea for the family in the cooker and end with a yummy soup or a dessert- yes all made in my pressure cooker!

OPOS is literally- one pot one shot way of cooking, which not only saves your efforts, time but also valuable resources like fuel, water! The OPOS way of cooking uses the principles of Flash Cooking, where food is cooked with minimum or no water, on high heat for a short duration of time. OPOS came to life out of innovation and hard work by Mr Rama Krishnan! 

While I will soon make a separate elaborate post on how's and what's of OPOS, here are some basic things that will help you get started!

What do you need:
1. A 2 litre pressure cooker 
2. Measuring cups and measuring spoons
3. Optional: Timer and weighing scale

How to start and where can you find more help:
1. Join the Facebook group OPOS School: All the 30 lessons of OPOS way of cooking are listed here, please go lesson by lesson to learn the techniques and master the art. You will have a bunch of people to guide you- just follow the lessons first..
2. Subscribe to OPOS Chef channel on Youtube where you will have access to many recipes from varied cuisines!
3. Practise and perfect your favourite recipes
Soon there will be OPOS trainers in different cities in India and abroad to handhold you!

What can you cook:

1. Beverages like tea/ coffee/ sharbat concentrates
2. Subzis (spiced vegetables)
3. Stews/ dal/ soups
4. Rice varieties like pongal, biryani etc
5. Indian sweets like kaju katli, sheera, kheer, sweet rice, halwa etc
6. Desserts like custard, fudge etc
Well this is just an indicative list!

OPOS is a life skill and is very liberating! A true blessing for mothers, working professionals, students staying away from home!

Here are a few dishes I did the OPOS way! 
(L:R- Sabudana khichadi, rasgulla, oats pulav, tomato soup,berry bhapa doi,  chicken biryani, mangalorean prawns curry, stuffed mushrooms)
Do comment if you need any information/ help on any of the three things mentioned above, and I'll be glad to assist you! Cheers :)

Thursday, 6 July 2017

A big Thumbs Up for the Brilrider!

So it all started from the below conversation:

He: Kids are loving the ride-ons, lets get them a cycle!
Me:Yes absolutely, let me check the options!

I do some research and find out from a fellow mom about the 'Balance Bike'.. Now whats this? Hmm did some research and it was in line with our way of bringing up children- 'Give them the right tools, right environment and they will learn themselves- be there to guide them along but no spoon feeding'

Me: The BrilRider is for 4k!
He: Really? An infant cycle, without pedals, without support/ trainer wheels, it looks overpriced definitely! Let me do some research..

A typical process of buying kids stuff ;) Finally we got one (Luckily at a discount during sale) and voila as expected, my kids welcomed it and came another soon in our house (Ah no fights!)

I was in tears (happy tears :)) when I saw my 28 mo son gracefully balancing his brilrider. A moment of sheer delight, pride and surprise! and all those memories of my childhood when I was learning to balance the cycle by 8/10 years flashed in a second- I smiled and said yes it was a right decision :) Well my daughter too is almost there :)

Now if you are sailing in the same boat as we were, let me make things simple for you in simple words :)

A) What is a balance bike?
  • It is a cycle without pedals and support wheels
  • Kids push it with their legs, set it in motion and gradually learn to balance it themselves
  • It has an adjustable saddle and handle, can be used till kids are 5 years
B) Suitable time to buy:
  • After 1 yr, but make sure you baby is able to walk steadily without support
  • Also, its never too late. If you have not introduced a cycle to your kid, any age is good age (till 5 yrs or upto 30 kg)
C) What to expect when

Between 1- 2 years: 
  • Kids will get used to the brilrider
  • Independently handle it, lift, manoeuvre it around
  • Sit on it and use it like a ride on-  push with the legs and set it in motion
Between 2-3 years:
  • Lift and move the brilrider on their own
  • Use legs for breaking efficiently
  • Smoother rides even on turns
3 years and Above: Balance the brilrider and rest legs on the foot rest when in motion and balancing

D) Set Your expectations right
The milestones above are indicative and each kid is different than other. So you need to patient and let the kid explore at its own pace. Do not force kids, its a gradual process of learning and you will see phases of 'I am bored', 'I want to carry the brilrider everywhere I go', 'Stay away' and so on..

E) Cost
They currently have three models, the Brilrider and Brilrider AF is pried at Rs 3,990 and the Brilrider Flight is priced at Rs 5,990. There are balance bikes that Decathlon also sells, but I have not used it personally hence I would abstain from commenting.

F) How can you help
  • A decent space for kids to experiment and explore
  • The brilrider is very light weight and compact, carry it in your car when you are stepping out for those short trips
  • Encourage but don't force
  • Play the game of 'Catch me if you can' that will motivate them and inculcate confidence to ride the brilrider at a decent speed (A step before they lift both the legs up!)
G) Safety
  • Don't forget to buy the little helmets!
  • Preferably make the kids wear full length pants, just in case you are not buying the knee guards
  • The brilrider conforms to CE EN71-1,2 and 3 child safety norms

Lastly- a question you all might have: Does this imply we need not buy those cute kiddy ride-ons if we opt to buy the balance bike?Well, in my experience- NO. Brilrider is a gradual learning tool not a substitute for the ride-ons which are more 'doable' for a year old baby. Get those simple easy ride-ons for an engaging play and the brilrider as a developmental and progressive tool.. Cheers :)

This write up is a completely independent analysis based on personal experience as a parent and is in no way linked/ sponsored by Bril India.

    Monday, 3 July 2017

    About Us

    Hii! I am Prachi, mother of boy-girl twins.. Now you must be thinking ah damn lucky u guys :p But trust me grass is always greener on the other side! Yes its fulfilling but surely not easy.. Well so let me know deviate..

    Born and brought up in Pune, I was a very curious kid, more attracted towards different forms of arts. Also lucky enough to have supportive parents, who inspite of their disabilities were actively involved in my learning journey (My father has more than 80% hearing disability and my mother can only see with one eye that too high power) I got to learn classical music, Bharatnatyam, drawing, 'Rope mallkhamb', harmonium to name a few. After my 10th standard there was a lot of pressure from society 'Óh your daughter has scored 90% you have to send her to the science stream', but I enrolled for commerce. Completed my Chartered Accountancy and stepped up in the corporate world! During my studies, I also chose the guy I wanted to marry, and again in a very filmy way, we finally got hitched ;)

    That's when I came to Bangalore, happy and excited to explore the new town! Both of us being avid travellers, weekends were spent visiting new places in and around Bangalore. My husband being one of the founder of the Yahama Riders Club (YRC) we had a great company of fellow bikers too :)

    Around 4 years in the city and we decided to buy our own home, and it was a personal milestone for us to be able to own a house at the age of 26 completely self funded! Need to mention here- we were left with peanuts after this investment :P And then the another turning point in our lives when we got to know we were expecting twins! Woah, yes I love babies but really twins? Excited and overwhelmed, I could not plan a thing and decided to go with the flow..

    My pregnancy was quiet smooth, I continued with work till 9 months, continued with my regular activities- light swimming, yoga, walks and so on.Who knew the 9 months is the only time when a woman can enjoy real 'me time'! My babies were born on 2 of Jan and I am really thankful to God for gifting me these tiny two souls :)

    My son was a ELBW baby with 1.1 kg birth weight and daughter was 2.6. Went through a bad phase of PPD, lack of right information - and slowly began babywearing my babies. Life started improving and I became more confident. Back to Bangalore, with a help of daytime nanny started the real journey as a parent in a nuclear set up. Soon realised, I can manage things better and the dependency on maids is just making me handicap, so ditched my maid and started the real nuclear parenting journey, where my husband's role was equally important and he embraced it gracefully! There are many things which he does in a much better way and I have a lot to learn from him as a person! Again I thank my luck for having a like minded and supportive life partner :)

    With babywearing we could slowly bounce back to our earlier lives to a great extent and could travel, step out with ease keeping our babies close, secure and happy! Since babywearing is a topic which not many people are aware of,I decided to dedicate my time for this cause and quit my job. That's how Snugbub was formed!

    So here I am, a mompreneur, a mother of two who loves spending time with the kids and being involved actively in their learning process! I believe constructive learning happens even at home with dedicated efforts from parents. Watch this space to know more about the things we do, what helps us, what keeps us motivated and much more! Cheers :)

    If you can't leave them behind, take them along!

    What changes immensely after being a mother is independence- we, mothers, think multiple times even before stepping out to the grocery...